CES: Just Mobile, Parrot, Tylt + Zagg

Just Mobile has introduced a new minimalist dock, the HoverDock, in both iPhone and Apple Watch versions. The HoverDock for iPhone ($35) is a low-profile charging stand encased in a unibody aluminum disc that allows you to pass through your Lightning cable and stand your iPhone upright, and supports most cases.

CES: Just Mobile, Parrot, Tylt + Zagg 2
CES: Just Mobile, Parrot, Tylt + Zagg 3

HoverDock for Apple Watch ($35) follows the same unibody aluminum design as the iPhone version, allowing you to pass through the standard Apple Watch Magnetic Charging cable and keep your Apple Watch propped up for Nightstand Mode.

CES: Just Mobile, Parrot, Tylt + Zagg 4

In addition to its new Disco fixed-wing drone, Parrot provided a more firm announcement of its Parrot Pot ($99), a smart flower pot for plants. While the company showed off a prototype of the Parrot Pot at last year’s CES, this year the company has announced actual pricing and availability — it’s now expected to arrive in April. Pot builds on Parrot’s Flower Power accessory announced three years ago, improving the technology and building it into a 2.2L flower pot with an intelligent irrigation system to help monitor and manage water consumption for your plants. Parrot promises water efficiency that can provide up to a month of unattended care for most plants, with four sensors that analyze light, temperature, fertilizer levels, and soil moisture, and compares these against a database of more than 8,000 plants to determine the optimal settings.

CES: Just Mobile, Parrot, Tylt + Zagg 5

Tylt has introduced its Energi 2.0 Power Backpack ($200), an updated version of its battery backpack that doubles capacity to 20800 mAh and adds USB-C ports to the mix — the USB-C port has a max 3A output, while the pack puts out 6.9A of power in total. The company also introduced a number of new Turbo Smart Chargers and Portable Batteries in various capacities.

CES: Just Mobile, Parrot, Tylt + Zagg 6

Zagg’s new Mobile Charging Station ($80) is a 5000 mAh portable power station that can charge both an iPhone and an Apple Watch simultaneously. It can deliver a full charge to both devices at the same time, and includes a mounting system that allows you to charge your Apple Watch in Nightstand Mode. An integrated cable storage solution keeps your cables wrapped up inside while on the go. It’s expected to be available in the first quarter of 2016.