Click Wheel iPod Games: Lode Runner, Wonder Blocks, Reversi

Continuing to expand its offerings heading into the holiday season, Apple has again posted three new games for the fifth-generation iPod, iPod classic, and third- and fourth-generation iPod nanos. Hudson Soft has released Lode Runner, a strategic action/puzzle game. Based on the classic computer and console title from the early 1980s, players must dig to collect all the gold in each level while avoiding robots which try to catch the player. The game features simple controls the consist of moving and digging, 130 different stages, five game modes, and both tutorial and tip videos. Lode Runner is available now from the iTunes Store and sells for $5.

imageGameloft has released Wonder Blocks, a new block-stacking game. Players travel from wonder to wonder in an attempt to rebuild well-known structures while battling time limitations and instability. The game features seven different wonders, including the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Taj Mahal, and the Eiffel Tower, and multiple game modes, including quick play, story mode, time attack, and more. Wonder Blocks is available now from the iTunes Store for $5.

imageFinally, Apple has released Reversi, a strategy game based on the popular board game Othello. Users choose either white (cream) or black markers, and must strategically place them each turn in order to box in markers of the opposite color, reversing them and gaining pieces for the player. Reversi offers three difficulty levels, in-game hints and undo, and both single player v. computer or pass-and-play multiplayer modes. Priced at $1, Reversi is available now from the iTunes Store.

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