Three new games have been released for the fifth-generation iPod, iPod classic, third- and fourth-generation iPod nano. Electronic Arts has released Tiger Woods PGA Tour, a golfing simulation game. Users can choose to play as Tiger, other PGA Tour pros, or create their own golfer, using the Click Wheel to navigate through well-known courses such as Pebble Beach, collecting Trophy Balls for in-game achievements. The game offers two modes: practice and tournament, in addition to an isometric camera view for lining up shots, a top-down ball camera, and putting grid views.

Click Wheel iPod releases: Tiger Woods, Slyder, Real Soccer 2009

Sandlot Games has released Slyder Adventures, a maze-style game starring the company’s spherical character Slyder. The game offers more than 150 levels across four worlds, both exploration and timed game modes, and more than 30 different items to collect. In addition, the game features an alternate accelerometer-based control scheme for users of the iPod nano 4G, and allows users to listen to music from their iPod during play.

imageFinally, Gameloft has released its Real Soccer 2009 sports title. Players can choose from more than 290 clubs and national teams in 10 different leagues, play in six different soccer stadiums, and select from five game modes, including national leagues and European Club Cup. In addition, the game features real-life players, realistic artificial intelligence, and easy-to-perform special moves. All three games are available now from the iTunes Store, and sell for $5 each.

Charles Starrett

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