Code in watchOS 4.3.1 suggests faint possibility of third-party Apple Watch faces

New code unearthed in watchOS 4.3.1 by 9to5Mac suggests the possibility that Apple may be at least considering opening up the development of Apple Watch faces to third party developers — something that many have been asking for almost since the wearable device first debuted. Code found in the NanoTimeKit framework that’s responsible for handling watch faces, includes a log message in the process that communicates with Xcode on macOS, declaring “This is where the 3rd party face config bundle generation would happen.” While the feature is very obviously not yet implemented — and well-known developer Steve Troughton-Smith tweeted that it may not even be an entirely new thing — it’s enough to suggest that it’s a possibility that Apple may have been at least considering. Whether it will come to fruition any time in the near future is another matter entirely, however.

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