Colored shuffle gallery posted, in-store details added

iLounge has posted a full photo gallery showing off the newly colored second-generation iPod shuffles, along with comparison photographs against the same-colored iPod nanos, plus Proporta- and JAVOedge-branded colored shuffle shells designed to offer silver shuffle owners similar results. The new gallery is here.

Additionally, checks by iLounge at Apple Stores across the United States suggest that the new shuffles are still making their way into retail locations, with some stores already displaying the new models and others awaiting shipments later this afternoon or tomorrow. If you are considering the purchase of a silver shuffle, and are concerned about purchasing the newer version – with its superior included earphones – rather than the older one, look for a silver shuffle in a box with gray printing, rather than green printing. All five of the new iPod shuffles come in gray-printed boxes, leaving the classic green shuffle coloration behind.

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