ConnectSense expands HomeKit lineup with new Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity, and Water Sensors

ConnectSense is expanding its line of HomeKit-enabled products with a new Bluetooth Extender, Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Sensor, and Bluetooth Water Sensor. The new Bluetooth Extender allows users to remotely control its Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensors and devices when they’re out and about, because otherwise the sensors require a local iPhone or other device to connect to the Internet. True to their names, the Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Sensor and Bluetooth Water Sensor monitor sensitive areas of the home for the presence of moisture or extreme temperatures. The Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Sensor can be linked to a HomeKit-enabled thermostat to regulate temperate in areas that are far away from the thermostat’s temperature monitors, and the Bluetooth Water Sensor can detect water leaks in places like the basement or laundry room before they can cause permanent damage. Both sensors use two AAA batteries.

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