Contexture Design offers reclaimed cassettes as nano cases


Contexture Design, makers of the “45” vinyl iPod cases, has announced 45 nano, a new line of cases for the first- and second- generation iPod nano made from reused audio cassette tapes. The cases’ backs feature a hollowed out area to fit first- and second-generation iPod nanos, shielded by a clear plastic window that includes openings for access to the iPod’s controls, headphone jack and Dock Connector. The front of each case has been retained, and looks like a “vintage” cassette. For added cushioning, the cassette-cases include foam padding and come enclosed in their original, clear plastic cases. “Reusing an old music medium to protect technology that surpassed it really resonates with us as music fans and sustainable designers,” says Trevor Coghill, Contexture Design co-founder. 45 nano cases are designed and constructed sustainably using reclaimed tapes and foam padding. Contexture Design 45 nano cases are available now and sell for $45.

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