Cook responds to criticisms of new Apple iPhone Smart Battery Case

In an interview with Mashable, Apple CEO Tim Cook responded to various criticisms of the Apple’s new iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case, ranging from the “hump” on the back of the case to the idea that the release of the case is a tacit admission by Apple that the iPhone 6s’ battery life is insufficient. Regarding the protruding “hump” on the back of the case — a feature that many see as an “un-Apple” aesthetic — Cook notes that it was a conscious design decision to keep the case flexible in order to make it easier to insert and remove the iPhone, as compared to other battery cases which are so rigid that it takes “considerable strength and patience” to remove or insert an iPhone into them.

When asked about the introduction of the Apple battery case as a tacit admission that battery life on the iPhone 6 and 6s isn’t sufficient for most users, Cook responded that users who are charging their iPhones every day “probably don’t need this at all” but that it’s “nice to have” for users who may be out hiking or going on overnight trips. Apple’s VP of software engineering, Cheryl Thomas, chimed in with, “When you need it, you need it,” to which Cook agreed. While that’s a pretty common view of all battery cases, we believe the case can also function as an everyday case, due to the way it works.

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