Coordinated ‘iPad mini’ rumors claim iPod-like thinness, small bezel

Coordinated ‘iPad mini’ rumors claim iPod-like thinness, small bezel 1

A number of separate reports claiming consistent information on the so-called “iPad mini” have appeared online. 9to5Mac seemingly led off the reports by posting an article displaying mockup renderings, supposed back casing part leaks, and purported cases for the device. According to the report, the iPad mini will not keep the thick bezels of the 9.7-inch iPad on all sides, but will instead feature smaller bezels along the sides in portrait mode, separated volume buttons, and a mic in the middle of the back. That premise is then used to validate a set of purported schematics from mid-July—originally posted by a hitherto unknown site called Think iOS—that showed such a device, measuring 7.3mm thick by 134.73 mm wide and 200.13 mm tall. These measurements would place the iPad mini in the same thickness range as an iPod touch.

Oddly, 9to5Mac links to separate corroborating reports from iMore and Daring Fireball, the latter of which goes into unusual detail to justify its assumptions, including comparisons between the proportions of the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch to the aspect ratios of their displays. For reasons unknown, 9to5Mac’s report appeared first, followed by the others, even though 9to5Mac said that its report was inspired by an article from Daring Fireball that was actually posted hours later. All three reports reference an unusual public discussion between Apple-focused bloggers on the discussion site Branch, suggesting that their reports were coordinated.

Coordinated ‘iPad mini’ rumors claim iPod-like thinness, small bezel 2


Coordinated ‘iPad mini’ rumors claim iPod-like thinness, small bezel 3

While some of the details in these reports line up with information that iLounge has heard from trusted sources, the schematic drawings mentioned in 9to5Mac’s report included an odd aspect ratio for the device’s screen, as seen in the above image, which led us to hold off on publishing them back in July. However, as the schematics do not provide exact dimensions for the screen itself, it’s possible that the discrepancy is due to accurate measurements of a rear shell, relying on assumptions regarding the placement and size of elements on the glass front face.

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  1. I guess just being a regular iPad user who doesn’t put much thought into things like aspect ratio and dimensions doesn’t care about what it will look like, just when it will come out. I first started hearing rumors about the iPad “Mini” a few weeks ago from a coworker at Dish, and I just want it to be announced by Apple soon. Right now I use my iPad a lot outside my home, mostly for watching live TV on the Dish Remote Access app, and a smaller version would help that tremendously with its portability. If and when the mini iPad comes out, I’ll be one of the first to get it, no matter how it looks.

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