Countdown to the Buyers’ Guide 2005 Begins

The clock is ticking down to March 28, 2005: the publication date of iLounge’s first 2005 Buyers’ Guide. With only hours to go before the close of our Buyers’ Guide Contests, we’ve been blown away by the entries we’ve already received – but you still have a chance to win.

Remember, we’ll announce the winners and show all of our favorite runners-up in the Guide.

Countdown to the Buyers’ Guide 2005 Begins

Our Buyers’ Guide is a free and complete magazine-style guide to everything iPod and iLounge, with trustworthy previews and reviews of the very best iPod accessories, guides to getting free iPod music and support, and much, much more. This new issue represents a significant improvement from our previous edition, which itself won tremendous acclaim around the world.

We have taken a completely new approach to distributing the Buyers’ Guide.

Instead of asking our readers to cough up $6 to buy the Guide in a store, we provide it for free online, and encourage our readers to use file-sharing networks to spread it around the globe. Read it on your computer or print it – it’s your choice.

The Guide is only possible thanks to the support of our awesome readers and loyal advertisers, some of whom are listed below.