Court dismisses final lawsuit in Apple iMessage case

A U.S. court has dismissed the single remaining lawsuit against Apple regarding the delivery of iMessages to former iPhone users, Business Insider reports. A former iPhone user originally filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple earlier this year after she switched to an Android device and found that she could no longer receive text messages from other iPhone users. Apple acknowledged the problem and released a fix in May, however the suit persisted until it was dismissed in August based on a lack of clear evidence that all members of the suit had in fact suffered an inconvenience due to “contractual breach or interference” related to the iMessage system.

Following the dismissal of the original class-action suit, however, three individual but related plaintiffs pursued their own separate action, accusing Apple of “intercepting” iPhone text messages in violation of the U.S. Federal Wiretap Act. Apple had requested that the suit be dismissed after it was discovered that two of the three plaintiffs had already disposed of their old iPhones after they had filed the suit, and were therefore unable to demonstrate whether they were affected by the issue. The case was dismissed by U.S. Judge Lucy Koh, in a single-paragraph order.

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