Crazy Monkey Studios releases Siegebreaker


Crazy Monkey Studios has released Siegebreaker, a new RTS/RPG game for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Siegebreaker puts players in the role of a rock star, Keith Rock who must free the Brookelands from a mysterious evil which has befallen the land. As Keith Rock, the player attacks enemy forces with deadly guitar riffs and a special Rolling Stone attack to defend the kingdom against invading hordes. As the game progresses in Campaign mode, the background story unfolds in a comic book style presentation and the player can also unlock up to five additional characters with unique abilities to expand their Siegebreaker team, tactically coordinating their actions for the best results. A Siege game mode is also available in which the player can simply try for the highest score using the characters unlocked from the Campaign mode, with Game Center integration for tracking and sharing high scores. The player can also earn Power Orbs in siege mode which can be used to upgrade skills and purchase new abilities for the team, or simply choose to purchase Power Orbs via in-app purchases. Siegebreaker is available from the App Store as a free download.

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