Cultured Code releases Things 3.7 with key iOS 12 features

Cultured Code announced the release of Things 3.7 today, adding several new useful features for iOS 12, including support for Siri Shortcuts, the Siri Watch Face on watchOS 5, Dynamic Notifications, and landscape orientation support for iPhone users. Support for Siri Suggestions now allows iOS 12 to provide suggestions for routine tasks, such as offering to open up a today list every morning when noticing that a user routinely views it at around the same time each day, while Siri Shortcuts will allow users to record key phrases that can be used to quickly create predefined tasks — complete with details filled in — and pull up specific lists and filter by tags. Things also now integrates more tightly with Apple’s Shortcuts app to allow multi-step workflows that can create tasks from multiple sources. Dynamic notifications in Things 3.7 will provide users with more options to snooze reminders for 10, 30, or or 60 minutes. Things also now supports iOS 12 password autofill for entering a password for Things Cloud, and a basic single-pane landscape mode is now supported in the iPhone version. More details are available in Cultured Code’s blog post.

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