Daily Deal: 50% off MiFi 2 Global Touchscreen Hotspot


Daily Deal: 50% off MiFi 2 Global Touchscreen Hotspot

For today’s iLounge Deal, we’re offering the MiFi 2 Unlocked Global Hotspot for only $99 – 50% off the normal price. Providing 4G Wi-Fi Internet access for up to 10 devices, this little devices lets you bring the Internet anywhere, staying connected securely and reliably without having to suffer the vagaries of coffee shop Wi-Fi. This global hotspot works in over 150 countries, and it’s unlocked so you can choose your own carrier wherever you happen to go. VPN pass-through and Wi-Fi protected setup provide additional security, and you can easily check data usage, block unrecognized devices, and view battery life and signal strength right from the touchscreen. In addition to 16 hours of battery life, you can also share files and GPS data, with instant access from your devices to up to 32GB of data on a microSD card.

Get your very own MiFi 2 Unlocked Global Hotspot now for only $99

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