Daily Deal: 70% off a lifetime of VPN protection

Today in iLounge Deals you can pick up a VPN Unlimited Lifetime Subscription for only $39 – a savings of 70%! Providing users with access to a secure virtual private network (VPN) for securing traffic when surfing from public Wi-Fi access points, VPN Unlimited lets you connect to any website anywhere that you have Internet access, bypassing restricted web content and protecting your data from hackers or identity thieves lurking on insecure public Wi-Fi networks. You can even connect to a VPN Unlimited server in the country of your choice to bypass international content restrictions and access local web sites—particularly useful when you’re travelling internationally and want to access geographically restricted sites. Version 3.0 also provides a fully downloadable global servers list, hands-on stats for each device, and the ability to quickly switch between servers.

Get a VPN Unlimited Lifetime Subscription now for only $39


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