Daily Deal: DEVONthink Pro — The Elite Document Manager


Daily Deal: DEVONthink Pro — The Elite Document Manager

Today in iLounge Deals, we’re offering the DEVONthink Pro: The Elite Document Manager for only $39.95 — that’s 50% off the regular price. This handy organizational and document management tool will keep all of your important projects in sync, with data stored in a single easy-to-backup database and the ability to present your data in whatever way is best optimized to your work style. Driven by artificial intelligence, DEVONthink’s filing system helps you quickly organize and tag your documents and web clippings into their proper projects, and RSS feed support lets you automatically import new articles or download and archive full websites to help you with your research. The self-contained database is stored on your own Mac, rather than in any cloud service, so you retain complete control and privacy of your important data. Local network sync options let you keep DEVONthink data in sync between multiple Macs, or you can store your database on any USB stick or SD card.

Get the DEVONthink Pro now for only $39.95

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