Daily Deal: Droplr Four-Year Subscription


Daily Deal: Droplr Four-Year Subscription

Today in iLounge Deals, we’re offering a four-year subscription to Droplr for only $39.99 — that’s 90% off the regular price. This handy tool and cloud service helps you take the struggle out of digital collaboration by letting you easily share your files with anyone, anywhere — simply drag a file to the Droplr icon on your desktop or hit the short cut, and it gets automatically uploaded to a cloud server where you can share it with anybody on your team. You and up to two of your friends or co-workers can collaborate on shared documents using a single account, and the new “Boards” feature lets you create and share boards with your team members so you can group your shares around concepts, ideas, or projects.

Get a four-year subscription to Droplr now for only $39.99

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