Daily Deal: Go paperless with the Doxie Go Portable Scanner for only $139

Today in iLounge Deals we’re offering the Doxie Go scanner for only $139 – that’s 30% off the normal price.  Doxie Go allows you to go paperless and get organized, scanning everything from bills and receipts to reports, drawings, business cards, photos, and more – wherever you are with no compute required. You just need to charge it up, turn it on, and scan away. Doxie can later sync your scans to your Mac or PC where you can organize them, create searchable PDFs, and even send them to your favourite cloud service with a click. Doxie Go scans full-colour pages in just 8 seconds, and provides a built-in rechargeable battery and memory capacity for up to 600 pages or 2,400 photos, and if you need more you can add your own SD card or USB flash drive.

Get your Doxie Go now for only $139


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