Daily Deal: Get LithiumCard Air, the wallet-sized HyperCharging Power Bank, for only $39.99

Today in iLounge Deals we’re offering LithiumCard Air, a wallet-sized battery pack for your iPhone, for only $39.99—that’s 33% off the normal price. Available with both Lightning and Micro-USB connections, LithiumCard Air is the thinnest HyperCharger around at only the thickness of five credit cards. It has 1200mAh of capacity and generates up to 2A of power to charge your device fast, at up to 1% battery life per minute, and has an attractive design with all-inclusive cables that you can flip out when you need them, and fits in nearly any wallet so you can carry it on the go no matter where you are. LithiumCard also comes with a NanoStik pad to keep the charger stuck to your device if your wallet doesn’t work for you.

Get the LithiumCard Air HyperCharging Power Bank now for only $39.99

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