Daily Deal: Get the DJI Phantom FC40 Drone for only $499

Today in iLounge Deals we have a special offer on the DJI Phantom FC40 drone at $499. Not only is that over 20% off the regular price, but if you use the code “PHANTOM35” at checkout you can get an extra $35 off the already-discounted price. Sporting a smart HD camera, the FC40 can zip around left and right with ease and climb hundreds of feet in the air letting you capture and record everything from backyard baseball games to fireworks from an epic perspective. The camera pairs with your iPhone using a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi connection to provide a live video feed while flying up to 100 meters away. Whether you’re a budding aerial videographer or just love the thrill of flight, you’ll enjoy the Phantom FC40’s stunning design and advanced features including auto-piloting, auto-hover, 720p/30fps HD Smart Camera, a failsafe autopilot with a GPS-based “go home” landing feature, and a 5.8Ghz remote that operates from up to 1,640 feet away.

Get your Phantom FC40 Drone now and take to the skies for only $499

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