Daily Deal: GO2SLEEP AI-Powered Device For Restful Sleep

For Friday’s iLounge Deal, you can pick up [GO2SLEEP], an AI-Powered Device For Restful Sleep for only $88 — that’s 31% off the regular price. This revolutionary device monitors and improves your sleep quality by connecting easily to your finger so you’ll barely know it’s there — but it maintains almost the same accuracy of a pulse oximeter while delivering more information. The precise data gathered while you snooze helps generate a comprehensive sleep report, just for you. Based on that data, the smart app develops personal tips and recommendations for you on how to improve your sleep quality. You can even sync with the smart app to conveniently keep an eye on the sleep quality of yourself and your family. Don’t just mask your sleep problems with easy fixes, fight them head-on with this complete assessment.

Get the GO2SLEEP AI-Powered Device For Restful Sleep now for only $88

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