Daily Deal: Griffin WatchStand Apple Watch Charging Dock


Daily Deal: Griffin WatchStand Apple Watch Charging Dock

Today in iLounge Deals we’ve got a special offer for all of those current and soon-to-be Apple Watch users—Griffin’s WatchStand Apple Watch Charging Dock for $26.99 – 10% off the regular price. Allowing you to charge your Apple Watch in style, WatchStand provides a sleek and convenient charging dock and stand that seamlessly holds the magnetic Apple charging connector in place, allowing you to simply lay your watch against the cradle and get charging. The Apple Watch is presented at an easily viewable angle as it charges, and excess cable is hidden away inside the post, while the folded base features a non-slip and no-scratch padding as well as a place to hold your iPhone.

Get the WatchStand™ Apple Watch Charging Dock now for only $26.99

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