Daily Deal: Keezel Online Security & Privacy Solution. Two-Year Premium Subscription (Pre-Order)

Today in iLounge Deals, you can get pre-order the Keezel Online Security & Privacy Solution with a two-year subscription for only $209 — that’s 16% off the regular price. Designed to encrypt your Internet traffic over any public Wi-Fi access point and secure your devices at the same time, this portable hardware VPN/firewall secures your Internet connection with no installation or per-device configuration required. As a hardware-based solution it’s not platform specific and a single Keezel can bridge all of your devices — even IoT devices. A built-in power bank is also included to charge your devices on the go, and the VPN services provides access to over 1,250 servers in over 160 countries, so you can also bypass geographic restrictions on Internet services.

Get the Keezel Online Security & Privacy Solution: 2-Yr Premium Subscription (Pre-Order) now for only $209

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