Daily Deal: Kerbal Space Program (Steam Keys)

Today in iLounge Deals, you can pick up Kerbal Space Program for only $13.59 — that’s 66% off the regular price. This full-fledged, physics-based space flight simulation game lets you venture deep into the final frontier, creating and managing your own space program from the ground up. You’ll build and fly spacecraft, explore distant worlds, and even discover new parts of the game where no one has gone before. You can explore an enormous Kerbal Planet along with more diverse moons, planets, and galaxies, send your crew out of the ship to do EVA missions, and even play with real ship systems and flight physics for a better understanding of aerospace concepts. Complex multi-staged ships let you take full control over the staging sequence, and you can dock spacecraft together to build space stations, starships, or even surface bases on other planets.

Get Kerbal Space Program now for only $13.59

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