Daily Deal: Nifty MiniDrive for Macbooks

For today’s iLounge Deal, we’re offering the Nifty MiniDrive for Macbooks for only $33.99 — that’s 15% off the regular price. Allowing you to add up to 200GB of storage to your MacBook without resorting to a bulky external hard drive, the Nifty MiniDrive is a microSD card adapter that seamlessly plugs into your MacBook, sitting flush with the side so you can leave it in all the time. Integration with Time Machine lets you automate backups, or you can just use the additional storage space as if it were an external hard drive. MicroSD card capacities of up to 200GB are supported (microSD card not included), and you can easily swap between different cards for different purposes.

Get the Nifty MiniDrive for Macbooks now for only $33.99


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