Daily Deal: Scrivener 2 – Back again for a Limited Time

In today’s iLounge Deal we have a great offer on Scrivener 2, back for two days only, for $22.50 — 50% off the regular price. This award-winning writing app, used by New York Times best-selling authors, takes the pain out of writing a novel in your typical word processor. Combining a wordsmith and project management tool, Scrivener 2 lets you outline your ideas, take notes, view research, and more, all in a single integrated application. You can view and edit different sections of your work in isolation or as a whole, easily storyboard and rearrange your project, and even switch to a scriptwriting mode for automatic formatting and export to a dedicated scriptwriting app. Get started on that novel you’ve been putting off for years with Scrivener 2.

Get Scrivener 2 now for only $22.50


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