Daily Deal: Super-Secure Browsing Bundle, featuring Dashlane Premium + Hotspot Shield Elite VPN

Today in iLounge Deals, we’re offering a great bundle to help secure your online experience, bundling a three-year subscription to Dashlane Premium and Hotspot Shield Elite VPN for only $69.99 — that’s 61% off the regular price. Use Dashlane to keep track of all of your passwords in a single, secure repository — import your existing saved passwords from your browser and auto-capture passwords when you visit new sites so you can automatically be logged in to your favourite sites. Dashlane even scans your passwords for weak links, and provides you with a password generator to create new, stronger ones to keep your digital identity safe. Hotspot Shield Elite will secure your browsing sessions, encrypting all of your data in transit on a virtual provide network (VPN) so you can hide your data from hackers and identity thieves while still safely browsing on public Wi-Fi access points.

Get the Dashlane Premium and Hotspot Shield Elite VPN three-year subscription bundle now for only $69.99


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