Daily Deal: Sydnee 4-port Smart Charging Station, $79


Daily Deal: Sydnee 4-port Smart Charging Station, $79

In today’s iLounge Deal we’re offering Kanex’s Sydnee four-port smart charging station for only $79—20% off the normal price. Sydnee not only provides four full-speed 2.1A charging ports to allow you to charge up to four iPads simultaneously, but also provides a simple cable management system to make sure your cords stay under control and a place to store your devices while they’re charging. The station also incorporates smart charge technology to direct power to the devices that need it most while cutting the charge to those that are already full, and also includes short-circuit protection, so you can store and charge multiple devices worry-free.

Get your Sydnee Smart Charging Station now for only $79

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