Daily Deal: Throttle Pro, Lifetime Subscription

For Monday’s iLounge Deal, you can pick up a lifetime subscription to Throttle Pro for only $99 — that’s 80% off the regular price. This handy service will help you take control of your seemingly never-ending influx of e-mail, keeping your inbox free of spam and newsletters. A simple browser extension automatically generates a unique e-mail address at the click of a button each time you’re required to fill out a form, which allows you to track who you’ve given your e-mail address to and easily revoke any of your addresses at any time. You can also combine all of your amps mailing and notifications into a single daily digest e-mail, cutting down on useless notifications, and find out who is selling or sharing your e-mail addresses with the Scam Shield feature.

Get a lifetime subscription to Throttle Pro now for only $99

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