Daily Deals: Black Friday Sale


Daily Deals: Black Friday Sale

It’s the time of year again when late November brings Thanksgiving turkey and great deals, and this year we have our Black Friday Gear and Gadget Sale where you can get an additional 20% off almost anything in our iLounge Deals store with the coupon code BFRIDAY20 (some exclusions apply). In addition, check out some of the especially great deals we have not only in Gear and Gadgets but also for Software and Online Courses.

Gear & Gadgets

Nix Mini Color Sensor — only $55.20 with coupon code BFRIDAY20.

Daily Deals: Black Friday Sale

This pocket-sized sensor takes the guesswork out of color matching, letting you scan any surface and accurately identify the color, instantly identifying the standard RGB, HEX, CMYK, and LAB colors, or matching it against a database of more than 28,000 brand name paint colors. It works on painted walls, vinyl, leather, plastic, fabric, dyes and much more, and it’s smaller than a ping-pong ball so you can keep it on your key chain. The companion app lets you save and organize your favorite color palettes and even share them with friends and colleagues via social media or e-mail.

TRNDlabs Spectre Drone — only $79.99 with coupon code BFRIDAY20.

Daily Deals: Black Friday Sale

TRNDlabs’ most powerful drone yet, Spectre offers an unprecedented level of control and stability, with four high-speed propellors and an HD camera that rivals the best smartphones. The 50-meter range lets can explore your world while viewing a live feed with the Spectre app. It’s perfect for adventures, taking beauitful photos of hard-to-reach places, or just capturing unbelievable footage of mid-air drone acrobatics.

MIM Hybrid Smart Watches — only $39.20 with coupon code BFRIDAY20.

Daily Deals: Black Friday Sale

Blending elegance in design with smart technology, the MIM combines classic watchmaking and smart functions and promises the world’s longest battery life. These attractive watches track your activity like a fitness band, but also notify you of incoming notifications, and even let you take hands-free pictures with your smartphone.

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Zoolz Cloud Storage of 1TB Instant Vault and 1TB of Cold Storage — only $31.99 with coupon code BFRIDAY20.

Daily Deals: Black Friday Sale

This plan provides 2TB of extremely affordable “cold storage” to safely store huge amounts of data that rarely gets used. Additional features include 256-bit AES encryption, backup scheduling, bandwidth throttling, file retention, and more.

uBar 4 for Mac — only $11.99 with coupon code BFRIDAY20.

Daily Deals: Black Friday Sale

This power user toolbar is a great solution for those who have never been fans of the macOS Dock, providing a versatile replacement that can be used as a dock or a taskbar and heavily customized. Powerful tab grouping options, window, previews, and in-dock reminders help you get the most out of your Mac, letting you find the window you’re looking for at a glance, customizing orientation and theme, and staying on top of all of your app activity in a simple and centralized user interface.

VPNSecure: Lifetime Subscription — only $31.99 with coupon code BFRIDAY20.

Daily Deals: Black Friday Sale

This “Internet Safety Vest” will protect all of your online activity by wrapping it up in a fully encrypted tunnel while allowing you to bypass geographical restrictions with its Smart DNS component. VPNSecure hides your location and IP address, fully supports torrents, and uses its own “Stealth VPN” technology to render your VPN traffic unrecognizable. You can connect up to five devices simultaneously with this single subscription, and choose your preferred Data Cipher for better control over your own security. Plus, VPNSecure proudly assures that none of your activity is ever logged for any reason.

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Online Courses

Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course & Certification — only $15.99 with coupon code BFRIDAY20.

Daily Deals: Black Friday Sale

Skip the technical jargon and get right to taking amazing, professional-quality photos with this complete training. The Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course includes 22 modules filled with tutorials on how to profit off of your photography, or simply capture your memories in the manner they deserve.

eLearnExcel + eLearnOffice: Lifetime Subscription — only $28 with coupon code BFRIDAY20.

Daily Deals: Black Friday Sale

Master the entire Microsoft Office Suite with this special bundle, which includes eight complete courses and over 280 lessons that you can access at your pace, night or day, with bite-sized videos and exclusive quizzes that will assess and increase your skills in all eight of Microsoft Office applications, with bonus content that will help you delve even deeper into the world of Microsoft Excel.

Adobe CC Essentials Training Bundle — only $23.20 with coupon code BFRIDAY20.

Daily Deals: Black Friday Sale

Get up to speed on the classic trifecta of elite design tools — Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Premiere Pro — with these three courses that will start you off at a basic level with no prior experience necessary.

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