DealExpress offers low-price deals on iPods

DealExpress has new-open-box iPods for sale, ranging from classic 10GB model to new 30GB model. There are only 2000 units available.

DealExpress is also offering the original Griffin iTrip FM transmitter for $30.99 with any iPod purchase. After having spoke with DealExpress on the phone to find out more about the iPods for sale we discovered that all 2000 iPods are returns from a national retailer, and will be checked for quality control before shipping out to the customer.

All are open box items with complete package contents. (Click ‘Read more’ for a complete list and links.)
Apple iPod 10GB MP3 Player (Mac)  M8737LL/C   $239.99

Apple iPod 10GB MP3 Player (PC)    M8740LL/C   $229.99

Apple iPod 20GB MP3 Player (PC)    M8741LL/C   $329.99

Apple iPod 10GB MP3 Player (2003)  M8976LL/A   $259.99

Apple iPod 15GB MP3 Player (2003)  M8946LL/A   $329.99

Apple iPod 30GB MP3 Player (2003)  M8948LL/A   $439.99