Dension ice-Link for iPod mini-review

“The Dension Ice-Link for iPod sets out to link your ipod to your car head unit, providing control over the iPod either from the steering wheel buttons/stalk or the head unit itself, and, of course, the iPOD sound plays through the vehicles speakers.

The unit consists of a silver metallic box, slighlty larger than a box of matches, a cable to connect into your head units CD changer socket and an encapsulated PCB that connects the silver convertor box to the iPod and provides iPod charging. [click ‘Read more’]

To function the unit has to perform 2 tasks: convert the iPod’s analogue sound to a digital format that will be recognised as a CD and convert the button presses at the head unit/stalk into pulses that the iPod will recognise and act upon.

My unit is fitted to a Renault with a OEM head unit incorprating SatNav. It took approximately 15 minutes to fit and does everything it claims.

Using the unit gives the user control over Next track, Previous track, volume, FF and FR.

When the radio is selected the iPod turns off and when it is selected again, by selecting CD, it turns on and resumes from the last play position. Turning the vehicle off also turns the iPod off.

Overall the unit performs very well with no discernable impact on sound quality and makes driving and iPoding a breeze.