Design the Next iPhone Contest winners announced

Initially announced in The Free iPod + iPhone Book 4, iLounge has revealed the winners of our Design the Next iPhone, Win the Next iPhone contest. We received tons of entries, which were broken down into three major categories: Advanced iPhone concepts, which went above and beyond the features of the current iPhone, Funny entries, which offer a humorous take on the future iPhone, and Simplified entries, which represent an evolution of the current iPhone.

Design the Next iPhone Contest winners announced

Taking the Grand Prize for Advanced iPhone concept was the iPhone twist design by Christopher Doan of Toronto, Canada.

Featuring a hinged design, stereo speakers, an integrated video chat camera, a separate touch-sensitive pad which transforms from a keyboard to a multi-touch pad, and more, the aluminum and white plastic phone was our favorite of the ambitious advanced concepts we received.

Grand Prize for Funny entry was awarded to the iPhone shuffle concept from Michael Hornbek from Hornslet, Denmark. The tiny, simple device prominently features a shiny silver call button that serves only to call random people, and a rear clip to attach the “phone” to clothing or bags.

Finally, Grand Prize in the Simplified Entries category went to the 3G iPhone design of Aaron Besson of Trinidad + Tobago. Sporting a white back, a slimmer, more curved profile, and only modest changes to the phone’s overall design, we wouldn’t be surprised if the real iPhone 2 ends up looking quite similar.

Congrats to Christopher, Michael, and Aaron.