Deutsche Telekom hints at LTE-Advanced for iPhone 5S?

German carrier Deutsche Telekom announced today that it will be launching LTE+ — otherwise known as LTE-Advanced, capable of doubling LTE speeds to up to 150Mb/second — as an addition to its network, fueling speculation regarding iPhone 5S LTE-Advanced capability. In the announcement, the company notes that Samsung will offer a Galaxy S4 with LTE-A, while also claiming “comparable devices from other vendors will follow at the end of September,” around the time of Apple’s expected iPhone 5S launch. An earlier report claimed that Apple was negotiating to bring an LTE-A iPhone 5S to South Korea, on SK Telecom’s network. It’s unclear whether Apple plans to include LTE-A technology in any or all iPhone 5S devices, or if it will be included in separate models based on country and network.

Notably, AllThingsD has reported that Apple will hold special satellite events in Berlin, Beijing, and Tokyo on September 11, following its September 10 unveiling of the iPhone 5S. New carrier-specific deals or services in these countries may be the reason for the events.

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