Device protection poll ends, Best of Show poll begins

With more than 3,100 votes from iLounge readers, our latest poll—“Do you keep your primary iPod or iPhone in a case or film?”—has ended. Readers could choose from yes or no answers that spanned the range of currently available iPods and iPhones, or choose to say that they don’t own an iPod or an iPhone.

More than half of all respondents—59%—said they own an iPhone, with 80% saying they kept their iPhone in a case or film, compared to just 20% who didn’t.

A full quarter of overall respondents had an iPod touch, with only 12% choosing to keep the device bare, and 88% preferring to keep it encased. 10% of all respondents said they had a hard disk-based iPod, with 80% choosing to keep it encased and 20% choosing to leave it as-is. Somewhat surprisingly, only 5% of respondents said they use an iPod nano as their primary iPod; 60% of these said they keep it in a case compared to 40% who choose to let the nano’s finish be its only protection.

Finally, zero percent—a total of just 21 people—said they use an iPod shuffle as their primary iPod, while 2% said they don’t own an iPod or iPhone. Thanks for all your responses!

Our new poll focuses on our 2010 CES Best of Show Awards: we’d like to know which new product you’re the most excited about. All of the single product award winners are listed for you to choose from; be sure to read our 2010 Best of Show article for more information on the products.