Digital Sound Bag sports built-in speakers

Digital Sound Bag sports built-in speakers 1

RedEnvelope is now offering the Digital Sound Bag, a new messenger-style bag that includes two built-in speakers and a spot for your iPod. Available in blue, orange or white, the $70 bag features a clear acetate window lets you see the iPod’s display and access controls. It has a velcro closure on the bag’s front flap and requires three AAA batteries. “Taking a personal music player to the next level is in the bag,” says the online store. “All they have to do is slip it into the bag’s interior pocket, plug into the built-in speakers, and hit play. The reward? Instant amplification and tunes wherever they go.”

  1. the only thing you’re amplifying is the fact that you’re toting around a $300 portable bag of electronics. you might as well wear a “rob me” sign around your neck.

  2. At least it looks better–and hopefully sounds better–than the boomboxes that were the bane of citydwellers till MP3 players came along.

  3. I already see an increase in “young folks” (as if I were old) running around, blasting tunes from their cellphones’ speakers or using mini-speakers. In a way the possibility to do so is quite useful. It is a shame though that those people a) tend to have such eclectic tastes in music and
    b) lack the decency to decide whether the use in public is appropriate.
    I see the headline already “Tunes Terrorist strangled with his own bag by annoyed stranger”

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