Disney to launch iPad integrated toys


AllThingsD reports that Disney has announced plans to release a new line of toys that work in tandem with iPad games. Dubbed Disney Appmates, the first game is based on the movie Cars 2 and provides players with miniature toy cars that can be “raced” on a virtual track displayed on the iPad screen. The toy interfaces with the iPad application via the touchscreen allowing the user to interact by moving the car across the screen with the app reacting precisely to the player’s movements and displaying the appropriate feedback and responses. The game will provide open-ended gameplay allowing players to simply drive around and explore or attempt to complete specific challenges such as racing or collecting hubcaps.

The Appmates are expected to go on sale in stores on October 1, including the Apple Store and Disney Store, with four “Cars 2” characters in the initial series, sold in two-packs for $20 each; the game will be available from the App Store as a free download. Each Appmate will unlock specific features and content in the game, encouraging users to collect the entire set. The Appmates line is part of a wider range of physical accessories that Disney is developing for kids to use with the iPad.

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