DLO announces iBoom JukeBox, HomeDock HD

Digital Lifestyle Outfitters has announced its upcoming iBoom JukeBox and HomeDock HD. The iBoom JukeBox is a speaker system with an integrated iPod dock and a unique RF remote control with display screen for browsing and controlling the iPod wirelessly. The iBoom also charges the iPod while docked and is compatible with all dockable iPod models. The HomeDock HD, according to DLO, is a “Hi-Definition Entertainment Dock with On-TV Navigation for iPod.” The HomeDock HD offers HDMI output and up-conversion up to 1080i, and features an RF remote control, digital audio output, and an enhanced on-screen user interface for navigating the iPod on a TV screen. The DLO iBoom JukeBox and HomeDock HD will both sell for $200 and are expected to ship in Q2 2008.

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