DLO intros FM radio & headphone amp for iPod mini


Digital Lifestyle Outfitters today announced the DLO mini fm, a new iPod mini accessory that combines an FM radio and headphone amplifier.

DLO intros FM radio & headphone amp for iPod mini

The compact attachment is self-powered and allows users to quickly switch from their iPod mini’s music to FM radio with the push of a button. iPod mini owners can manually tune or automatically search up or down for available FM stations. The mini fm also amplifies the iPod mini by boosting the volume capacity by over 25 percent, according to the company.

The mini fm, which fits onto the top of the iPod mini, is designed to match the shape and style of all iPod minis, but is currently only available in silver. It’s scheduled to begin shipping early next month for $39.99.

See iLounge’s first look special for more details and photos of the DLO mini fm.

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