DLO releases 2008 TransDock, Classic, and Micro FM transmitter-chargers [updated]


In an unexpected family-wide refresh of its lineup of combination car chargers and FM transmitters, Digital Lifestyle Outfitters has released new 2008 model TransDock, TransDock Classic, and TransDock Micro FM transmitter/chargers, each featuring an Intellitune button that automatically scans for unused FM stations.

DLO releases 2008 TransDock, Classic, and Micro FM transmitter-chargers [updated]

The TransDock Classic borrows the form factor of the 2005-model TransDock, but guarantees compatibility with the latest iPods, adds Intellitune, and omits a video-out feature found in the 2007 update of TransDock. TransDock Classic is priced at $80, and uses pipe-style charging and extension arms to mount in your car’s cigarette lighter power port. The 2008 TransDock sports a completely new design—a refined look with a thinner iPod cradle, a white-on-black display, compatibility with the latest iPod models, and the ability to charge the iPod while docked. It also features an 8” flexible arm and power adapter, an AV-Out port, and an auxiliary input, with the whole package selling for $100. The new DLO TransDock Micro is based upon the 2006 accessory of the same name, but features an updated look, with a round-ended black and metal charging stem replacing the former model’s squarish design. The integrated display is now white-on-black, instead of black-on-blue, and the new model drops the former’s USB connector and included USB-to-Dock Connector cable in lieu of a permanently attached alternative. Unlike the other TransDocks, TransDock Micro does not serve as an iPod mount, and sells for $60.

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