DoAT provides a streamlined journey through the mobile web

DoAT is a new iPhone and iPod touch application that provides users with an optimized search experience designed for exploring and finding information on the mobile web. In contrast to traditional search engines, DoAT is designed specifically to search and pull results from a large catalog of mobile web apps, providing search results ideal for use on the iPhone or iPod touch. Users can enter their own search terms or choose from a list of predefined searches for common things like weather, local events, directory services and city guidebooks. Searches can be suffixed with a category such as movies or restaurants to narrow the results to mobile web sites in that specific category, such as IMDB and Flixster for Movies or Yelp and Zagat for restaurants.

Results are displayed in a set of mobile web apps that the user can swipe through in a Cover Flow style view. Built-in predefined searches provide quick access to information such stocks, news and weather and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. A wide variety of other common categories are also included such as local deals, humour, celebrity gossip, shopping, cooking and much more. DoAT requires iOS 4.0 or later and is available from the App Store as a free download.

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