Doorbell category vanishes from Apple’s U.S. HomeKit page

Apple appears to have removed the “Doorbell” category entirely from its U.S. HomeKit accessories page, according to a report from 9to5Mac. The category previously featured the August Doorbell Cam with HomeKit support “coming soon.” August promised over two years ago to offer a retroactive update to is original August Doorbell Cam, however the company never said anything further about the feature after that, and the feature was conspicuously missing when the upgraded [August Doorbell Cam Pro][4] was released last year. Ring also promised earlier this year that HomeKit support would still be coming, despite its acquisition by Amazon. It’s unclear why Apple has removed the category, but it seems clear that for whatever reasons, Apple and its partners have been struggling to deliver on HomeKit integration for doorbell cameras, despite the otherwise expanding HomeKit ecosystem, which already includes several normal security cameras. The change also currently only appears to affect Apple’s U.S. HomeKit page — both the category and the August Doorbell Cam remain listed on the HomeKit accessories page in several other countries, including Canada, Australia, and the U.K., although it’s uncertain whether this is truly a U.S. specific change or Apple simply hasn’t updated the page in other countries yet.

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