Download Now: iLounge’s 2012 iPhone + iPod Buyers’ Guide

Download Now: iLounge’s 2012 iPhone + iPod Buyers’ Guide

Download Now: iLounge’s 2012 iPhone + iPod Buyers’ GuideDownload Now: iLounge’s 2012 iPhone + iPod Buyers’ Guide

Download Now: iLounge’s 2012 iPhone + iPod Buyers’ Guide

Every year, iLounge publishes a new Buyers’ Guide—our most up to date look at the very best Apple-related products released over the past 12 months. This year, we decided to break the iPad out into its own edition—the iPad 2 Buyers’ Guide, which you can find here—and now we’re completing the set with the release of our new 2012 iPhone + iPod Buyers’ Guide.

Weighing in at 218 pages, the 2012 Buyers’ Guide features a complete guide to this year’s best accessories, apps, and games for the iPhone and iPod. It also contains our latest tips on buying and selling iPods, iPhones, and Apple TVs, including late October 2011 eBay resale values for every iPod, iPhone, and Apple TV model, guides to the different features, colors, and textures of historic models, and much more. Here are some of the sections you’ll find inside:

  • iPod, iPhone + iTunes Today
  • iOS 5, iCloud + iTunes Match
  • The iPod + iPhone Accessory Guide
  • The Top 100 Games of 2011
  • 100 Essential iOS Apps of 2011
  • iLounge’s 2011 Best of the Year + Readers’ Choice Awards
  • History of iPod, iPhone, iPad + iTunes 2001-2011
  • The iGlossary
  • What’s New in Mac
  • What’s New in iPad

Our 2012 iPhone + iPod Buyers’ Guide is a completely free download. You have a choice between two versions: one is in book-style two-page spread format, which is best for screens 15” or larger on the diagonal. The other is a full-screen single-page format, available for viewing on screens that are smaller than 15” on the diagonal, as well as for pocket devices including the iPhone and iPod touch. iPad users: The two-page version is readable on the iPad; the one-page version increases the amount of page-turning but is even easier to read on the iPad. We love the two-page spread version, but the one-page version is easiest read on iOS devices. Please download only one version so that others can get their copies quickly. To view the Guide, PC users should have the latest version of Adobe Reader. Mac users should use Apple’s Preview or the latest Adobe Reader. Due to the Guide’s massive footprint, we strongly recommend that iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch users use Apple’s iBooks or a third-party PDF reader rather than attempting to view the entire book in Safari.

Please tell a friend about the new Buyers’ Guide! We welcome you to share it on your file-sharing network of choice, with friends through e-mail, or though a mirror link (post in comments below). Enjoy!

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