Download Now: iLounge’s 2013 iPhone + iPod Buyers’ Guide

Download Now: iLounge’s 2013 iPhone + iPod Buyers’ Guide

Download Now: iLounge’s 2013 iPhone + iPod Buyers’ GuideDownload Now: iLounge’s 2013 iPhone + iPod Buyers’ Guide

Download Now: iLounge’s 2013 iPhone + iPod Buyers’ Guide

As our 19th downloadable publication, iLounge is proud to announce today’s release of the latest edition: the 2013 iPhone + iPod Buyers’ Guide. With a significant focus on the iPhone 5, fifth-generation iPod touch, and seventh-generation iPod nano, the Guide is the world’s most comprehensive and popular look at all things iPhone and iPod.

Included in the 208 pages are reviews of every current iPhone and iPod model, a guide to buying and selling Apple devices, and iLounge’s thorough iHistory, chronicling Apple’s digital media initiatives dating back to iTunes 1.0 and the first iPod. We also spotlight the year’s best accessories, including speakers, cases, toys, and new Lightning add-ons, plus the Top 100 iPhone/iPod apps and games.

Additionally, the Guide features our 2012 Best of the Year Awards, selected by iLounge’s editors and readers. As always, the awards recognize this year’s standout products and developers, focusing on the very best of the best. You’ll also find a preview of the iLounge Pavilion at the 2013 CES, including sneak peeks at a handful of new products slated to be introduced at the show.

Here are some of the sections you’ll find inside the guide:

  • iPhone, iPod + iTunes News
  • The iPhone + iPod Buyers’ Guide
  • Comparing Apple’s iPhone + iPod Cameras
  • Buying + Selling iPods, iPhones + Apple TVs
  • The iPhone + iPod Accessory Guide
  • 2012’s Top 100 iPhone + iPod Apps + Games
  • 2012 Best of the Year and Readers’ Choice Awards
  • iHistory 2001-2012
  • The iLounge Pavilion @ 2013 CES
  • What’s New in Mac
  • What’s New in iPad
  • Around the World Galleries
  • Closing the Curtain

Our iPhone + iPod Buyers’ Guide is a completely free download. You have a choice between three versions; we ask you to download only one.

The first version is in a twin-page “spread” format, a wide, magazine-style layout that is readable without zooming on iPads, laptops, and desktop computers. This version is roughly 30MB in size, and entirely readable on the iPad without zooming.

The second version is single-page, filling the full screen with one page at a time. This is for viewing on smaller screens, including pocket devices such as the iPhone and iPod touch. Viewed on the iPad, this version requires more page turning, but fills the portrait screen with larger text; no zooming in is ever required.

A third version, mobile, is the same except much smaller in file size (20MB versus 30MB), compatible with older iPod touches and iPhones. Regardless of the version you select, we strongly recommend that iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch users use Apple’s iBooks or a third-party PDF reader rather than attempting to view the entire book in Safari.

Please download only one version so that others can get their copies quickly. To view the Guide, PC users should have the latest version of Adobe Reader. Mac users can use Apple’s Preview or the latest Adobe Reader.

Please tell a friend about the 2013 iPhone + iPod Buyers’ Guide! We welcome you to share it on your file-sharing network of choice, with friends through e-mail, or though a mirror link (post in comments below). Enjoy!

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