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As promised, iLounge is proud to announce the immediate availability of its new Buyers’ Guide (Spring/Summer 2005) for free download from the links above and below. It contains exclusive first looks at new accessories such as Griffin Technology’s iTripLCD and Alfa Romeo’s 147 iPod Kit, as well as several major new must-see features:

  • The New Lounge: Get your first look at our redesigned web site, coming soon!
  • The Beginners’ Guide to iPod: If you’ve been thinking of buying an iPod, or trying to convince a friend to join the revolution, this is the place to start. We tackle every question you might have, then introduce you to the worlds of iPod accessories and the people who love them: members of the iLounge community.
  • Sneak Peeks: An unparalleled look at the future of the iPod, with pages full of upcoming car accessories, Bluetooth accessories, new cases, and much, much more.
  • Music!: A look at maximizing your iPod listening experience, with a guide to some of the world’s most famous iPod parties.

And, of course, we reveal the winners of our Cover Contest and 100-Word Story Contest, in addition to providing a comprehensive new reviews section that’s even easier to use than before. By reader demand, the Guide contains an updated report card of the over 300 iPod-related products that have been reviewed by iLounge, and features even more of the incredible art and photography of iLounge readers from around the world.

For the unfamiliar, iLounge’s Buyers’ Guide is a complete, magazine-style guide to everything iPod and iLounge, with trustworthy previews and reviews of the very best iPod accessories, guides to getting free iPod software and support, and much, much more. As before, the Buyers Guide is a totally free download. Instead of asking our readers to cough up $6 to buy the Guide in a store, we are providing it for free online and taking mass advantage of file-sharing networks to spread it around the world.

We’ve designed two versions of the Guide – one for viewing on your computer, and one that lets you print only the pages you want and use them when shopping for iPod accessories. We are making the viewable version available for download via the link above, and will provide a copy of the printable version to any person who is willing to host it on a mirror site and/or share the file on a major file-sharing network.

The Buyers’ Guide is only possible thanks to the support of our awesome readers and loyal advertisers:


Please use the link below to Tell A Friend or three about the new Buyers’ Guide 2005. And please do your part to share the Guide on your file-sharing network of choice – that’s all we ask.

We hope you enjoy the Guide!

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