Download now: The Free iPod Book 3.0, by


The world’s most popular iPod and iTunes tutorial has returned for its third edition, and as always, it’s free!


Single page, best for printing (18 MB PDF)

Double page, best for monitors (18 MB PDF)

To save to disk, right-click and save.


Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or later.

What will you find in the 230-page Free iPod Book 3.0? Here’s a quick summary:


  • Sneak Peeks: Over 20 exclusive iPod and iPhone accessories debut, including Ultimate Ears’ top-of-the-line, quadruple-driver UE-11s, V-moda’s VIBE Duo, Belkin’s awesome new Armband and Acrylic Cases for iPhone, Marware’s SportGrip Backwinder, and much, much more.

  • The All Things iPod Guide: Prepare to be amazed by your iPod all over again. As you read through the 15 sections of our latest iPod tutorial and accessories guide, you’ll find tips on customizing, buying, selling, and repairing iPods, our top accessory recommendations, and ways to create and acquire great iPod video, music, and gaming content.

  • iTunes Tips and Tricks: Now with over 140 tips, our massive iTunes tutorial helps you quickly understand all the best features of Apple’s digital media management software and online iTunes Store, including up-to-the-minute information on iTunes Plus downloads, Cover Flow, and much more.

  • The iPhone Index: Prepare for the release of Apple’s much-anticipated iPhone with this A-Z guide to its features, known specs, and issues.

  • Love Your Apple TV: Not sure what to make of the in-home media player that some have dubbed a screenless iPod? Our quick guide to Apple TV will help you wisely go from initial connection to creating superb content, and preparing for hardware and software upgrades.

  • Contests and Galleries: Want to know who won 4 iPhones and iTunes cash in our iPod Fashion Photo Contest? The winners – and top runners-up – are inside. So are some of the best submissions we’ve seen to our iPods Around The World galleries, taken from all corners of the planet.

  • Apple’s Semi-Secret Store: Apple fans will drool over the Mac, iPod, and iPhone-matching gear we discovered at the country’s least-publicized Apple retail store, including an iPhone-matching iPen, a cool mug, and the exclusive T-shirt that shows just how far some people (including us) would go to pay homage to the company.

  • Backstage and Closing the Curtain: See what iLounge’s editors used in the creation of the Book, and what sort of gadgets they’ve been playing with or lusting after in recent days. Also, a few pointers to Microsoft on helping to boost flagging sales of the “iPod killer” Zune.
  • All this, and much more, is available right here. For free, in PDF format, thanks to the support of 21 leading iPod accessory and software developers whose ads are clickable in the Book. Enjoy!

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