Dual-SIM support on new iPhones won’t be coming until a later iOS 12 update

A new Apple support document outlining the new Dual SIM feature on the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max reveals that support for the feature won’t be available immediately at launch, but will instead be coming “with an update to iOS 12 coming later this year.” While Apple doesn’t make it clear exactly when the feature will be arriving, it follows a similar precedent with new headline features being unlocked in later point releases, such as iOS 12.1. For instance, when Apple first debuted Portrait Mode in the iPhone 7, it wasn’t until iOS 10.1 that the feature was made available to users, and even then it was tagged as “beta” for several months. More significantly, however, Apple’s promised Messages in iCloud feature, which was supposed to debut with iOS 11 last year, took until iOS 11.3 to appear, six months later. The support document also provides a few other interesting insights into how the feature will work, including — perhaps not surprisingly — that the iPhone will need to be unlocked to use on two different carriers, and that provisioning the eSIM will require either scanning a QR code from a supporting carrier, or downloading the carrier’s own iOS app. Users will also be able to label each of their plans to help identify them for things like incoming calls, and choose to use the primary line for cellular features like voice and SMS, while using the secondary line for data. [via 9to5Mac]

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