Early benchmarks suggest 800MHz A5 for iPhone 4S


New benchmarks of the iPhone 4S suggest that the device’s A5 processor is running at a slightly slower clock speed than that of the iPad 2. AnandTech reports that based on the discrepancy between the Geekbench scores of the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, it appears that the iPad 2’s A5 is clocked around 25 percent higher than the iPhone 4S’, setting the latter’s clock speed at 800MHz. Javascript performance on the new device rivals that of Tegra 2-based Android Honeycomb devices, according to the benchmarks, while the iPad 2 was shown to hold around a 21 percent advantage of the 4S in graphics performance, which is likely related to the clock speed difference. Apple will launch the iPhone 4S this Friday, October 14.


Charles Starrett

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