eBay to begin supporting Apple Pay as part of transition to new payments platform

eBay has announced that it will be bringing support for Apple Pay to its platform, as the company works to transition away from PayPal. eBay notes that Apple Pay “will be among the first forms of payment offered” as part of its new payments system, and although it’s expected to arrive this fall, the company adds that the initial rollout will be “on a limited scale” — the project is actually expected to continue into 2019 and take until 2021 before eBay has transitioned even a “majority” of its customers, with no clear indication on when the project will be fully complete. The initial rollout is also expected to only be in the U.S. for now. “Apple Pay is one of the most ubiquitous forms of payments and provides users with an easy, fast and secure way to pay,” said Steve Fisher, Senior Vice President of Payments at eBay. “Offering Apple Pay as a form of payment on eBay is the first step in providing more choice and flexibility in payment options to our tens of millions of buyers.” [via Engadget]

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