Elgato announces Eve Aqua smart water controller, Eve Flare portable lamp

Elgato has announced two new HomeKit accessories: Eve Aqua, a smart water controller, and Eve Flare, a portable color LED lamp. Eve Aqua allows users to convert any outdoor faucet into an intelligent water outlet, allowing HomeKit users to activate sprinklers or other water accessories from their iPhone or any Siri-enabled device such as a HomePod. Users can also create schedules in the Eve app, access Eve Aqua remotely when away from home (with a HomeKit hub such as an Apple TV, iPad, or HomePod), adjust sprinkler schedules based on weather, and track water consumption. Eve Aqua is available for pre-order now for $99.95 and starts shipping on June 25.

Elgato has also released Eve Flare in Europe, a portable LED lamp that’s waterproof and charges wirelessly, great for outdoor use. The internal battery provides up to six hours of illumination, and using HomeKit users can active it and change lighting with Siri commands or HomeKit automations, and the Eve app includes a predefined library of shades optimized for Eve Flare. The Eve Flare is available for pre-order in Europe and begins shipping on June 25 for 99.95 Euro.